Northeastern Student Guide

Northeastern University will always be a special place for us. In 1999 our founder, Adam Jacknow, began a small laundry service for his fellow Northeastern classmates. In the span of twenty years that laundry service has evolved into what Garment Valet is today. A lot has changed but the quality service we provide for students on Northeastern’s campus has remained a constant.

Life for a college student can be hectic. That’s why we’re here to help simplify it for you. Our quick and easy laundry services are perfect for students who are pressed for time. Want to know how it works? Check out our 6 steps to laundry freedom below!




1) Register

Signing up for Garment Valet on campus is easy! Go to to create an account and select the address of your locker location.

We currently have 25+ locker locations, including a drop off location in Speare Hall, which makes your laundry drop off even more convenient! Most of our lockers are located near Northeastern’s laundry rooms or by the mailboxes. If you need help setting up an account, you can contact our Customer Service team anytime.


2) Pack Bag

When gathering your clothing to be serviced, you can either use one of our welcome kits or your own personal bag.

Place your regular wash-dry-fold laundry (WDF) in the black bag from your welcome kit or, label your own bag with WDF. Garments meant to be dry cleaned and pressed should be placed in the red welcome kit bag, or labeled as SC if you are using your own bag. It’s important to use separate labeled bags for WDF and SC.


3) Schedule a Pickup

Login to your online account to schedule a pickup date. Most orders can be delivered the very next day!


4) Find Locker

Find an empty Garment Valet Locker and place your garment bags inside.


5) Enter Pin

Press “C” on the keypad. Enter the 4 digit pin you created when registering your account. Then press the lock key button to lock your locker.


6) Be Free!

You’re done! We’ll send you an email or text when your order is ready.